Visualization of Program Data


This research will focus on providing visualzation techniques that (1) will let developers view data about their programs and (2) expose information that is not available or understandable through other analysis techniques. To date, we have developed a visualization system, Tarantula that displays the results of running suites of tests against software systems. By showing what portions of the code are executed by passed and failed tests, the system helps developers identify faults in their programs. Using our technique, the program under test is instrumented to output statement coverage information for each execution, or test case. Instrumentation adds probes to the original program that record the execution (or non-execution) of each statement. A file is created for each test case that lists the statements that are executed by that test case. This leads to a huge amount of data that is difficult to interpret manually. To make this data comprehensible, we have created. We are also creating a generalized visualization system that will let users configure their own Tarantula-like system that displays desired information.



National Science Foundation, CCF 0541049,
Automatic Fault Localization Using Statistics and , Visualization: An Empirical Research Program.

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