Test-suite Augmentation for Evolving Software (ASE Best Paper award and an ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper award)


One activity performed by developers during regression testing is test-suite augmentation, which consists of assessing the adequacy of a test suite after a program is modified and identifying new or modified behaviors that are not adequately exercised by the existing test suite and, thus, require additional test cases. In previous work, we proposed MATRIX, a technique for test-suite augmentation based on dependence analysis and partial symbolic execution. In this paper, we present the next step of our work, where we (1) improve the effectiveness of our technique by identifying all relevant change-propagation paths, (2) extend the technique to handle multiple and more complex changes, (3) introduce the first tool that fully implements the technique, and (4) present an empirical evaluation performed on real software. Our results show that our technique is practical and more effective than existing test-suite augmentation approaches in identifying test cases with high fault-detection capabilities.

Related research categories:
(1) Regression Testing
(2) Symbolic Execution
(3) Data Flow
(4) Control Dependence

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