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  • Selection of Data for Integration Testing. Mary Jean Harrold, Mary Lou Soffa. IEEE Software, special issue on testing and debugging (IEEE 1991), March 1991, pp. 58-65.

  • A Methodology for Controlling the Size of a Test Suite. Mary Jean Harrold, Rajiv Gupta, Mary Lou Soffa. In Proceedings of the Conference on Software Maintenance (CSM 1990), San Diego, CA, November 1990, pp. 302-310.

  • Computation of Interprocedural Definition and Use Dependencies. Mary Jean Harrold, Mary Lou Soffa. IEEE Computer Social International Conference on Computer Languages (ICCL 1990), New Orleans, LA, March 1990, pp. 297-306.

  • An Incremental Data Flow Testing Tool. Mary Jean Harrold, Mary Lou Soffa. Sixth International Conference on Testing Computer Software (ICTCS 1989), Washington, D.C, May 1989.

  • Interprocedural Data Flow Testing. Mary Jean Harrold, Mary Lou Soffa. ACM SIGSOFT Third Symposium on Software Testing, Analysis, and Verification (TAV3 1989), Key West, FL, December 1989, pp. 158-167.
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