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This page provides access to a distribution of the Aristotle Analysis System.

Aristotle provides program analysis information and supports the development of software engineering tools. Aristotle's front end consists of a parser that gathers control-flow, local data-flow, and symbol table information for C programs. Aristotle tools use the data provided by the front end to perform a variety of tasks, such as data-flow and control-dependence analysis, graph construction and graph viewing. Parsers and tools use database access routines to store information in, and retrieve it from, a data repository. Users can view analysis data textually or graphically. A user interface provides menu-driven access to tools.

The following documentation, which is included in the distribution, is available.

This documentation is included in the docs subdirectory of the distribution which you can download below.


The Aristotle Analysis System is available here, tarred and gzipped. This software requires SunOS 5.6 (Solaris 2.6) or higher and Perl. There are no plans to support other platforms. Click here to download the system. We ask that you first register with us so that we can notify you of updates and bug fixes.

Unzip and untar the file somewhere convenient, and follow the installation documentation which is included in the docs subdirectory of the distribution.


Bug reports and enhancement requests can be submitted at


There are several papers that describe uses of the Aristotle system.

The Aristotle Research Group has also done some experimentation with programs, program versions, and tests obtained from Siemens Corporate Research, Inc. The HR variants of these programs, produced by the Aristotle Research Group and used in these experiments, can be found here

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