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An Approach To Analyzing and Testing Component-Based Systems

International Congerence on Software Engineering Workshop on Testing distributed Component-Based Systems

May 1999

Mary Jean Harrold, Donglin Liang, and Saurabh Sinha


Software testing and maintenance account for as much as two-thirds of the cost of software production. Program analysis techniques offer the potential to automate testing and maintenance tasks, and thereby reduce the cost of these tasks. An emerging paradigm of software development that promises to enhance software productivity and quality composes software from independently-developed components. The nature of component-based software, however, introduces new problems for applying program analysis techniques to testing and maintenance of such software: the providers of software components develop and test the components independently of the applications that use the components; the users of software components analyze and test their applications without access to source code of the components used in those applications. This paper describes issues and challenges in applying analysis and testing techniques to component-based software and presents an approach to analyzing and testing component-based systems.

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